Preventive Dentistry From Your Dentist in Arlington, TX

At Golden Rule Dental Care, we know how beneficial preventive dentistry in Arlington, TX, really is. You’re much more likely to avoid dental health problems if you see us for bi-annual examinations and cleanings while also diligently caring for your smile at home. What’s more, staying vigilant about your oral care means you’ll save time and money in the long run while minimizing your need for major dental interventions.

Along with helping you maintain your beautiful smile, we also want to ensure that you understand the importance of oral health as poor dental habits can detrimentally impact both your mouth and overall health.

Preventive dentistry can help protect your smile from …

  • gingivitis
  • cavities
  • costly emergency treatment
  • and the alignment of restorative work.

Preventive options we provide at our comfortable practice include:

  • sealants
  • sports mouthguard
  • sleep apnea treatment
  • fluoride treatment
  • bad breath treatment
  • root canal treatment
  • TMD treatment
  • wisdom teeth removal
  • fresh breath therapy

What happens during a checkup?

Along with a full cleaning and polish that will rid your teeth of any plaque and tartar, our qualified team will look for signs of decay during your examination. Should any be found, we will recommend the use of white fillings to repair these areas. If the decay has spread too far (we always hope it hasn’t!), we will advise you of next best steps for dealing with the issue.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of visiting your preventive dentist in Arlington!

Proactive thinking makes for smooth planning, ensuring that regular dentist visits are part of your good health routine. It’s as important as brushing twice and flossing once each day!

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  • Prioritize your smile
  • Have issues diagnosed and treated early on
  • Prevent larger problems from developing and impacting your oral and overall health
  • Build a trusting, long-lasting relationship with your dental team
  • Boost your smile confidence!

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