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Dental anxiety is a common condition we see at Golden Rule Dental Care in Arlington, TX. An estimated 36% of Americans experience it, and 12% of those people suffer from extreme dental fear. That said, these issues don’t have to – and shouldn’t! – keep you from seeking out quality dental care. Our practice offers oral and IV sedation to treat a variety of needs and enables us to ensure your comfort while delivering the care you need.

What is oral sedation?

With mild to moderate dosage options available, patients who opt for oral sedation will swallow a pill about an hour before their treatment. Though mild sedation will prompt a drowsy response, patients will stay alert and are able to answer questions. Those who choose moderate sedation will be given a larger dose and will become groggy or fall into a light sleep.

What is IV sedation?

Administered through an IV, this type of sedation is quick and, based on the patient’s comfort level, can be adjusted by the dentist to best suit the patient’s needs.

Remember: Our goal at Golden Rule Dental Care is to provide every patient with the dedicated care they need and deserve. Maintaining your healthy smile should be one of your greatest priorities, and we’d love to talk to you about our helpful sedation options and whether you’re right for you.

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  • Ensure that your dental health is prioritized and maintained
  • Help calm fears and anxiety related to dental visits
  • Have problems diagnosed and treated early on
  • Complete more treatments in fewer visits
  • Eradicate issues with a gag reflex and/or sensitive gums and teeth.

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