Teeth Whitening Arlington Tx

Teeth Whitening Arlington Tx

Before you schedule your next appointment for teeth whitening in Arlington, TX, we ask that you consider taking a closer look at Golden Rule Dental Care. As a practice focused on honoring God while we serve the Arlington community, we believe we are the right choice for all of your dental care needs. Relying on the golden rule as our standard for treatment means a greater commitment by our staff to meeting your needs in every possible way- from respecting you as a person to adhering to honest business practices.

The Golden Rule Difference

The Biblical teachings outlined in Matthew 7:12 set the parameters for what we require of our staff. "Do unto others" is more than a motto here at Golden Rule Dental Care- it's how we live and work throughout the day. Our commitment to providing exceptional dentistry means access to the latest technology equipment and techniques for our patients- everything from No-Drill Fillings through Air Abrasion to dramatically-decreased radiation imaging with our newest x-ray machinery.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Arlington, TX

Save yourself the disappointment that comes from using an over-the-counter whitening gel or paste and see our staff for your next whitening session. We provide safe, consistent results in our office or in the comfort of your home- whichever you choose. It's certainly cheaper to go the route of a store-bought whitening product, but you'll find in the end, the level of white you'll experience from a lesser-quality whitener is not as professional-looking, does not last, and could ultimately damage your teeth.

Beautiful Results

There are many reasons why our patients look to us for enhancing their smile. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • First date or special date night approaching
  • School pictures
  • Wedding day
  • High school reunion
  • To reverse staining or discoloration
  • To combat the effects of smoking

Regardless of your personal reasons, you'll see beautiful results when you choose Golden Rule Dental Care for your future whitening treatments. Find out whether you're a candidate for whitening by scheduling a visit with our team. If you have permanent teeth and healthy gums, whitening could leave you with the smile of your dreams.

For Serious Discoloration

While professional teeth whitening in Arlington, TX can deliver stunning results, it's not right for every patient. For those with severely discolored teeth from prescription medications, veneers do a better job of hiding stains. It's important to discuss your goals with our staff while we assess your oral health and determine the best way to provide the beautiful white smile you want.

Whitening is a Great Investment

Dollar for dollar, pro-strength whitening is the best way to experience a high return on your investment- it's still thought of as the most affordable cosmetic service at the dentist office. Call our new patient hotline to speak with us about whitening, to allow us to verify your insurance plan, and to set up your initial visit at Golden Rule Dental Care- you won't be sorry.

Teeth Whitening Arlington Tx
Golden Rule Dental Care
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