Permadent Malvern

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Permadent Malvern

Millions of people wear dentures today, and it’s no secret that most of them are not happy or satisfied with the results they get from them. Dentures are bulky, they have to be removed to be cleaned, and they usually don’t fit properly. Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre is the only dental clinic that provides a remarkable breakthrough in dental procedures, known as Permadent, in Malvern. This alternative to dentures allows you to feel as if you have your natural teeth and they perform like your natural teeth, as well.

About CLDC

Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre is the number one rated full-service dental center that specializes in all forms of cosmetic dental procedures, such as Permadent in Malvern. Over the years, we have perfected our skills and know-how, offering decades of combined experience to ensure that you’re on your way to that bright, winning smile you’ve always imagined. We also provide other types of cosmetic dental techniques, and working together we will find the perfect solution for a healthy and natural looking appearance.

We have a full staff of highly trained and experienced medical professionals and dental technicians who have dedicated their entire careers to ensure a perfect result to all of our work. It is our primary objective to assure you that your comfort and safety are always our top priority and that we will always provide sound medical advise that best meets your requirements. Our dental clinic is warm and inviting, and you will be able to feel at ease and know you’re in the best of hands.

Benefits of Permadent

Permadent in Malvern is the smartest and most affordable alternative to wearing dentures. At CLDC, we refer to this remarkable procedure as the three-hour smile, because you will able to leave our office on the same day with your bright and gleaming new smile. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to use your existing dentures as part of this procedure, saving you even more money.

Now, you can eat whatever want, smile at a moment’s notice and speak clearly and with a greater sense of confidence. The Permadent implant attaches directly to your gun line with no gaps whatsoever, meaning you’ll never have to worry about food getting under your teeth, as you do with traditional dentures. This is a noninvasive procedure, saying there is no gum or bone surgery needed, so your downtime is at a minimum.

Now you know that there is an affordable alternative to traditional bulky dentures and the medical professionals at Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre can show you just how simple and easy it can be to have a bold, winning smile at a fraction of the cost of full dental implants. Enjoy a healthy and more confident appearance with every smile you give and every word that you speak. Please visit our website to learn more about how this can significantly change your appearance, and how you can live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Permadent Malvern
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